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  79. Candidates will then be suggested to you based on the answers you provide to the test. Near: 11-14 north tce north. I logged in to my account and it was active!!!
  81. Can anyone suggest anything I have missed here? I brought that to, their attention and asked to end my free 2 week period and didn't want to carry on my membership - see above for my request, it was acknowledged then completely ignored!!! The contact test was quite successful.
  83. Review - I have not met anyone and now I have tried to cancel and will not let me.
  85. This company is a joke - do not use them - I joined for 1 month with a big 19. How to cancel confusing. Responses to messages are automated and both messages I received were the same with only a few details changed. Don't be fooled by this site, so many contacts with no photos or completed profiles. No way to tell if there is any genuine people on there. I should have known better, learn from my mistake. Sign up was confusing price misleading i was told I'd get 2 weeks free trial, if I liked it then. I would be charged for a 3 month subscription. So many members use fake profiles, i. I brought that to, their attention and asked to end my free 2 week period and didn't want to carry on my membership - see above for my request, it was acknowledged then completely ignored!!! Have written an email, scanned it and faxed, I asked them to send me confirmation, have got it saying no more payment will be made and membership is cancelled.... Wish I had seen all these reviews before joining this stupid dating website!! I joined around December 2017. Woke up this morning and got an email from PayPal regarding this transaction! I reported to PayPal immediately and opened dispute! I informed my bank about it. And they told me they would look into this matter seriously. I then realised the transaction was from this stupid website! And those transactions were unauthorised! I remember I deactivated my profile long ago! How come they re-activated my account without my knowledge?!? I logged in to my account and it was active!!! Can you believe it? So my account was active without my knowledge!! I am soooo angry and shocked! How could they do this? This website is total scam!! I cancelled my card too! A bunch of thieves these people are!! Hope PayPal cancels this transaction. They are still investigating my case. They told me there was a billing agreement! They just get my money, just like that! Read all these reviews. I hope I get my money back. This site is fake, profiles are fake and customer service responses are automated. It is a trap for the vulnerable and I suggest others to stay away. I guess we live and learn. I have disputed the charges and hopefully my financial institution with resolve this to my satisfaction. Once bitten twice shy. They investigated the case and determined the charges to my card on behalf of be2 to be not in accordance with New Zealand Consumer Law and therefore fraudulent. On this basis the money was returned to me. I am more than happy to share the same information with your nominated collection agency and feel confidant the outcome will be the same. Please take this as the final communication between myself and be2 as, based on your communication below, I will not be making a payment so all further communication will be with your nominated collection agency. In addition, please remove all of my personal data from any source controlled, accessed or shared by be2. Please provide evidence of this being carried out. Failure to comply with this will be in breach of GDPR regulations of which you are compelled to comply. This is the worst site I have ever been on. The profiles are fake!! I have not met anyone and now I have tried to cancel and will not let me. I sent a fax on May 24, with 3 follow up emails and they said not sent in time, which I did, before 13 June renewal date. I can't seem to find which card I paid it on but I have now emailed the copy and they are saying now they need transmission confirmation. This is a disgrace!! I have said just cancel the membership immediately or I will report them, I don't want any money back.. They leave the email a week before replying. I will keep sending emails until they cancel. Does anyone know who we can report this company too? This place is ridiculous, I would have preferred to flush the money down the toilet it would have given me more satisfaction! Please dont waste your money on this app it is an absolute rip off. The worst dating online. I wish I read their review. I press button to join 1 month but they took my money for 6 months. I'm ok with it, I thought was my mistake. I tried to cancel my membership but the be2 website did not let me. Lucky I paid through my PayPal acc. I call them and I told them that I got scam by be2. I got the refund. Should stop be2 operated in Australia. I can only repeat what the other reviews have stated. There were all sorts of legal threats so I cancelled my credit card as my bank warned me they would still keep trying to withdraw from my account. Surely there is a way to get these criminals??? I only got matched with 20 guys. Most were false profiles. I spoke to 1 guy only who told me he got matched with 500 women. In the fine print it says to cancel your account you need to send a fax and ONCE PROCESSED your account will no longer be billed. My issue is they make it hard to cancel. I had a written agreement that they required 14 days notice to cancel ahead of the June final membership date. I duly sent off a scanned written and signed letter in time for them to cancel adhering to the notice period. I said that I had documentation of the 2 weeks and for them not to tarnish their brand name and hassle a 72 year old man. They wrote back and said they made a mistake and there would be no further payments required. They were trying it on. When I queried it with them they told me that is what the weekly amount was. Luckily my bank refunded me this money. Wish I had read the reviews first. I told them I had sent emails weeks in advance trying to cancel. They are now threatening debt collection lol they are getting nothing. I am not even going to respond any more. Luckily in the end it cost me nothing. Note to self read reviews before joining anything I want to actually give -0 stars. All very appealing on the outside but wait until you try to delete your profile. This review is not because I am upset about not meeting anyone, there are plenty of wonderful dating sites out there. I realised not long after I joined how incredibly difficult this site was to navigate and in terms of matches there were literally zero. When I tried to delete my account it was almost impossible to find where that was on their website and when I did it was ludicrous. There was also no contact number that worked. After sending endless emails and a letter to remove my profile I still kept getting charged. I eventually had to cancel my credit card and resort to the bank to get some of my money back. This website is a cover for thieves. Do yourself a favour and stay away! Sent 3 Letters within the 14 day notes period according to their terms and conditions, did not hear at all from them. Send e-mail to Ozi customer service e-mail only automated reply only. Called the Bank and CXL my credit card. Keep receiving nasty e-mail pay up or we will pass on to debt collectors. After all I sent them 3 letters to Luxemburg asking to CXL! Wondering if anybody in Australia actually had debt collectors knocking on their doors? What was the outcome? Called ACCC they not really any help and just advice to get legal advice. The profiles listed have duplicate photos when I enquired, was advised that these are temporary photos waiting to be updated. The temporary photos stayed on many profiles. I now am being chased by a collection agency in Amsterdam theartening a court summons. After paying I soon discovered there wasn't much in my area to chose from and cancelled two days later after joining, making sure I was giving them their 15 days notice. I noticed in their terms and conditions that I had to send a fax to cancel my membership. Obviously making it difficult for anyone to cancel. An email to their support team wasn't going to work. So fax through a cancellation letter and received a confirmation by email that they acknowledged my cancellation. BEWARE they are a con-artist and SCAMMERS. I'd like some feedback from users in regards to this matter, the ACCC didn't seem to want to know about it, but basically said contact the authorities in the home country of the website. Secondly, how is it allowed that a company like this with a proven track record of scamming users both young and old out of their hard earned money, knowing full well they will make their life hell through fine print and other tricky means that they can operate a '. Needs to be protections in place here i think. I am in the same position. I thought we would be protected from scams like this site but it looks like we are not. I wish I had read these reviews before signing up. Hello, my friend has been scammed by Be2. She's in her 60s and isn't very tech-savy. Is there any Australian companies that can help when this happens? So far I am asking her to draft a termination email which I will get her to e-sign. Then we will send a paper copy via registered post and fax to the address in Luxembourg, then cancel her card that the payment has been made from. Can anyone suggest anything I have missed here? She's pretty upset by the whole thing and as the resident 'Gen-y-er' I want to be able to help as best I can. Cancelling and getting a new card should work, but forget about trying to retrieve the money you've lost. You would need to start with the bank and it would probably be fruitless. Tell the bank you'd like a new card because you lost yours and someone has used it for a debit. It doesn't matter if the records say Be2. Faxing and letters won't get you a refund. Try speaking to the bank. My bank refunded my Money as I told them it was a scam - which it is!!! I Just explained that they their site was misleading with the charges which you can see by most of the comments on here and that you were only expecting to pay x amount. I wrote a note requesting them to cancel my subscription on a piece of paper signed it - took a photo of it and sent it to them. This was their suggestion and it worked. Although they said they received it too late. Good luck © 2018 ProductReview. General disclaimer: All third party trademarks, images and copyrights on this page are used for the purpose of comparative advertising, criticism or review. This is a public forum presenting user opinions on selected products and businesses, and as such the views expressed do not reflect the opinion of ProductReview. Further details in the.
  86. However, it is difficult to find the relevant information regarding or customer service contact. Registration is free but only gives you an overview of the service. The more details you give about yourself, the more chances you have of getting in touch with other users. Just waiting for a call to tell them where to stick it. So angry with them - and myself. Website is challenging to navigate.