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  79. For her demanding character, Ednita had to age Esmeralda from 25 to 65 years during the story. We offer access to the most popular latin events such as Latin Grammys events and venues across the country. Be in Las Vegas When the Winners are Announced.
  81. Ramos is a manager at Red Light Management based in LA where her expertise in global touring serve her personal clients as well as the RLM roster of 200+ artists. Latin Grammys 2018: Event Time, Date, Location VENUE: MGM GRAND GARDEN ARENA LOCATION: LAS VEGAS, NeVADA EVENT DATE: NOVEMBER 15th, 2018 PRICE: PLEASE CHECK PRICE TABLE About the Latin Grammys event Now in its 18th consecutive year, The Latin Grammys honor outstanding achievements in the Latin music industry, including works recorded in Spanish or Portuguese. When you want to be a part of an Latin Grammys event in the concert world, which promises to be fun and exciting, you can count on TicketSupply. The Latin Grammys award the best in the many different forms of music popular throughout Latin communities around the world.
  83. 2018 Latin Grammys Tickets - I have daily contact with writers, musicians, producers, artists and labels developing new projects and new ideas, in an industry where music business has Become 360º.
  85. Who is behind their music and how are choices being made? From the rise of streaming music services to social media, artists are engaging music fans in new and exciting ways. Learn from a panel of music and entertainment experts how they are revolutionizing their approach to marketing Latino artists and giving them a holistic media solution to share their art. Sonic Soledad Pastorutti Proyecto Uno Kerreke ft Jorge Luis Chacin On the eve of their first-ever joint tour, the two biggest names in urban music share a stage and a conference for the first time. Kate Ramos, Manager, Red Light Management James G. He holds IBF Bantam Weight, WBC Super Bantam weight and WBC Featherweight titles, as well as being a member of the Mexican Olympic Boxing team. Born in Guadalajara, MX he was raised in both Mexico and the United States with his parents working multiple jobs to provide for their 10 children. Continuing to fight in the Featherweight division, he will be fighting for the WBA Featherweight title on Saturday, June 23 when he meets Jose Cuellar in the ring. Adept at dissecting punches and position in the ring, e trains with Robert Garcia out of his Riverside facility. His brain buzzes during a fight, able to read his opponent and respond before the swing is taken. I fight for myself, my family, the Mares name. Abner incorporates live music at each fight from bands performing in his dressing room during his warm up to accompanying him in the ring walk. Afrodiziaq was born in the New York borough of Brooklyn in 1990. At the age of seven his family moved to Long Island, NY where he grew up. His parents were avid church-goers and strongly influenced Afrodiziaq to join the church choir. It was in church choir where he fell in love with music and singing. Afrodiziaq followed his passion and became involved with music at school. He first took up the clarinet in grade school, until high school where he made the switch to bass clarinet. His interest grew beyond the bass clarinet and he began exploring different instruments. It was on a Christmas eve that Afrodiziaq was given the best present of all, a bass guitar that sparked his love for Bachata music. Keen on always growing as a musician, he continued his musical development immersing in different genres of music such as Merengue, Rock and Jazz. Today, Afrodiziaq is a true musician and songwriter. He has combined his musical knowledge to the life lessons and tribulations of his career. He is ready to show his music to the world. An eclectic sound exposition of his influences and experiences with a mysterious and soulful style. Afrodiziaq is focused and excited for the future that lies ahead. Andrés Ordóñez is a proven creative leader and a force for innovation at Energy BBDO. He has over 15 years of experience in integrated marketing, helping some of the most successful brands in the world achieve creative greatness. Since joining Energy in 2014 he has led the platform-driving emotional engagement on Extra and global creative on Orbit and 5 Gum. For Pearle Vision, he has helped to transform the brand into a local neighborhood eye care center by innovating through every consumer touch point. He has also been a driver for new business initiatives. Andrés consistently ignites creativity across the agency, bringing energy to everything he does. Andrès started his career at Ruiz Nicoli in Spain, after which he made his way to BBDO Puerto Rico. Originally from Colombia, Andrés brings a unique global perspective to the US and Chicago markets. Bryant Pino is Director of Latin Music Programming for SiriusXM satellite radio. At SiriusXM, he has created Latin music channels that offer great variety of genre-specific Latin Music for SiriusXM subscribers to choose from. Pino also ensures that the Latin channels have presence and interaction in social media. SiriusXM music channels are content-driven so, Mr. Most recently, he programmed and presented specials with Latin music superstars Juan Luis Guerra, Maná, Tego Calderón, Rubén Blades, Diamante Eléctrico and Alex Cuba, to name a few. Catarina Gutierrez, better known as Catarina, is a 17-year-old singer, who resides in the city of El Paso, Texas. She has been singing since she was 18 months old, at which point she realized that music was her vocation. Quintanilla, who even shared her single in his social media. At her young age, Catarina has received numerous awards for her vocal quality and will be present at the Latin Billboards 2016 in Miami, Florida, where she will share her music and all her energy to continue reaching more people with her melodies and lyrics that have made her audience feel identified. Christine Maggiore-Escribano was named Senior Vice President, Integrated Marketing, NBCUniversal for the Portfolio and Hispanic Group in January 2016. In this role, Escribano is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of strategic and creative marketing initiatives for advertising clients across NBCUniversal, which consists of the Telemundo Network, NBC Universo cable network, digital, social and mobile. In addition, she now oversees NBCUniversal Portfolio Integrated Marketing for advertising clients interested in leveraging the scale of NBCU for marketing campaigns. By working with cross-channel and cross-platform sales teams, she creates, develops and executes marketing solutions to drive top-line revenue and operating income growth for NBCUniversal, which concurrently provides measurable results for advertising clients. A seasoned industry executive with 20 years of marketing experience, Escribano previously served as SVP, Integrated Marketing, Hispanic Group since July 2012 and as Vice President of Integrated Marketing Solutions since 2009. She was responsible for building corporate branding and marketing structure, handling partnership developments, and implementing digital sales and marketing strategy. Earlier in her career, Escribano was Director, Sales Development at People magazine, Sponsor Integration Director at Real Simple, held various posts at TEEN People and prior to her work in media she held posts at The Media Edge and McCann Erickson advertising agencies. Escribano led her team to 19 distinguished recognitions in marketing, branded and native content from 2011 — 2016 including NAMIC EMMA, Portada, IAB Mixx, HMPE and Social TV Industry Awards. I have daily contact with writers, musicians, producers, artists and labels developing new projects and new ideas, in an industry where music business has Become 360º. How can you explain the continued popularity, the staying power and the artistic relevance of this great Latin star, considering the fickleness of the international entertainment industry? Few singers — in any language — are able to generate the international, multi-generation appeal enjoyed by this artist of artists. Her stage presence is mesmerizing and seductive; her voice is rich and melodious; her professionalism unquestioned, which is why she is admired by colleagues and fans alike. Like every great story, her life had auspicious beginnings… Little Ednita: A baby destined for stardom Most humans babble before they speak, crawl before they walk. To the amazement of her family this blue-eyed, curly-blonde baby walked spontaneously at nine months of age. Moreover, at eleven months, her startled father recorded baby Ednita singing for the first time! That was before she could even speak… One day, when she was two, Gudy, her mother took her shopping. In the blink of an eye, the restless toddler disappeared amongst the throng of shoppers. After a frantic search of the premises, the officers noticed a circle of enthusiastic adults laughing and applauding. In the center they found little Ednita singing and dancing on top of canned soup boxes… Under protest of what would some day be her fans, Mrs, Nazario was able to extricate her baby from the crowd. Her discovery was a hit. Everyone tries to catch it, Ednita cowers under the glove… and the ball lands right in the middle of it! Said and done, Ednita launches into her rendition of a local salsa hit that leaves both the producer and the surrounding fans astounded at the rhythm and power and richness of her voice. When she finished, there was complete silence, then everyone burst into applause and cheers! Two months later, Herger visits the Nazario household with a recording and concert contract. The Kid from Ponce seduces Puerto Rico After an initial period of personal presentations in local theatres, Ednita forms her own band: The Kids From Ponce, that played at numerous teen-oriented events, dances and parties. Soon, the most important TV shows vied to have them as regular guests. The reaction was swift and the group became the rage, the idols of Puerto Rican youth.. After a few of seasons the group breaks up and Ednita was offered to star in her own prime-time TV variety show. The future megastar was only 14… One Night: International success Although already a small screen personality, she had never recorded an album! The pressure was on, her adoring public clamored and Ednita records her much awaited first album: Al Fin…Ednita! Her show is then syndicated to a number of international Latin markets including the mainland Hispanic market. Numerous awards follow as TV Program and Artist of the Year. The show runs for four years during which Ednita hosted many international stars, among them Liza Minelli, Tommy Dorsey, Charles Aznavour, Morey Amsterdam and the unforgettable Oscar-winning Puerto Rican actor Jose Ferrer, Captured by her talent and freshness, Ferrer designs a nightclub act for both of them. Their joint tours thru the major hotels in the Caribbean and the eastern seaboard are an astounding success paving the way for the up and coming starlet to shine at such demanding venues as Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas. She is booked to follow Barbra Streisand at the famed Grossinger Hotel in New York. Ednita does several command performances at the principality and lands highly successful engagements at The Sporting Club and the famous Casino of Monaco. After extensive touring of Latin America, Ednita concentrates in the all important Mexican market, which embraces her talent and her beauty with a passion rarely exhibited towards international stars. The Unstoppable Force of Talent In 1987, Ednita weds noted Argentina singer-songwriter Luis Angel Marquez. The following year beautiful daughter Carolina is born. The change of lifestyle helps the star mature, giving her a new center of gravity and stability. Hence, the name of her next CD: Fuerza de Gravedad Force of Gravity. Contrary to what one might expect, the sound is more pop; the lyrics hopeful. Under the Capitol-EMI Latin label, she renders a relaxed, conversational production called Lo Que Son Las Cosas The Way Things Turn Out , whose title hit song was written by her husband Luis Angel. Winds of change head towards Ednita. Her relationship with Luis Angel comes to an end…but only on a romantic level. Her music takes on a fiery, assertive tone… Metamorphosis Refocusing her career, Ednita breaks all concert attendance records in Puerto Rico, with historic multiple performances at the majestic Roberto Clemente Coliseum. This occurs after the successful debut of the Metamorphosis Album. Mirame Look At Me , Un Corazon Hecho Pedazos A Heart Torn To Shreds , Metamorfosis Metamorphosis and the dance mega hit Tres Deseos Three Wishes head this international music evolution. Passion For Success: 11 1 hits in a single CD Incredibly, coming at the heels of the Metamorphosis series, with the Pasiones CD and corresponding concerts, Ednita again breaks her previous CD sales and ranking records placing all the cuts 1 on the charts. She does a marathonic 13 — performance concert series never seen at the prestigious Centre of Fine Arts. Later, a whirlwind Latin tour, ensued. It included Chile, where Pasiones went Gold. The sensuous Atada a Tu Volcan Tied To The Volcano , the hopeful Espiritu Libre and joyfest Lloviendo Flores Raining Flowers , recorded in two versions; as up-beat pop and heart rendering soul. Ednita became the first female performer to sell out the gigantic Hiram Bithorn Stadium. The opening concert was the first ever transmitted from Puerto Rico thru the Internet to over 5 million users worldwide. The lead male role was shared by singers Marc Anthony and Ruben Blades. For her demanding character, Ednita had to age Esmeralda from 25 to 65 years during the story. Her astounding performance earned her a Drama Desk Best Supporting Actress Nomination and won her the prestigious Theatre World Award in the same category. Ednita had never acted in theatre before! The Heart Of It: Music Following her triumphant Broadway debut, Ednita records Corazon Heart , an intimate compendium of contemporary rock ballads that went Platinum in just a week. The concert was magical and overpowering. Ednita even revived Esmeralda from The Capeman using the original Broadway costume and scenery. As a surprise guest she brings Luis Angel, her ex, to share some musical memories. The reaction was delirious. Ednita and Sony Music Sign Sin Limite Without Limits Ednita sets sights for her music in all Latin markets and reaches an exclusive recording agreement with Sony Music. She recruits talented Tommy Torres as producer and together they create an edgy rock sound for the Sin Limite CD. Some of the continental hits in this album are: Dime Tell Me and Hielo Bajo El Sol Ice Under The Sun and the unforgettable Devuelveme la Vida Give Me My Life Back The concerts that follow prompt Panama and Miami to honor her lifetime achievement with stars on their Walks of Fame. The Great Acoustic Recording Session…With 300 Guests Always innovative, Ednita realizes her fantasy of inviting a few friends to witness the recording process. She reproduces a recording studio onstage at the cavernous Centre of Fine Arts Concert Hall, then she called a few friends, 300 of them to share the moment. During a space of two days Ednita revisits some of her greatest hits and reinvigorates them with new vocal renditions, arrangements and instrumentations. Released to popular and critical acclaim, they include a superb duo with Beto Cuevas of the famed Chilean rock group La Ley. She also records four new songs, one composed by Latin Superstar Luis Fonsi. As a result, the 2002 edition of the Tu Musica Awards are dedicated to her, the artist with the most awards and nominations in their history! Billboard nominates her twice in the same category for this recording gem. Por Ti For You Ednita Does What She Does Best. This grand diva focuses the Por Ti CD to dwell into human emotions and motivations. With Tommy Torres in charge of production, she travails the mundane and the controversial; Mas Mala Que Tu Meaner Than You where a husband confesses his infidelity to his wife only to be told she has a lover also. Superstar Ricky Martin writes and does guest vocals in Quimica Ideal Ideal Chemistry. El Privilegio de Dar The Privilege of Giving turns into a popular hymn that inspires numerous civic and social welfare causes. The Por Ti concerts break all attendance records of any artist in the history of Puerto Rico. Her award-winning creative team again includes her Platinum Disc producer Tommy Torres and composer Claudia Brandt. The first single, Vengada Avenged , penned by Brandt Santana and Josh Groban hit the airwaves on April 25, 2005. Nazario, eager to explore, decides to gather a diversity of creative talent from across the Americas and Europe to work on a new CD called Real. She records in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, London, Mexico, Buenos Aires and Puerto Rico. Achieves a truly international sound and along the way does No, a runaway hit duet with famed Spanish singer Natalia Jiménez. For her record-breaking concert she draws on her broadway experience and performs on a huge rotating stage segmented to show rural and urban settings. Superstar Richy Martin is her surprise guest… The Understated Persona Shines Maybe as a counterpoint to traditional show trappings, Nazario decides to show her inner self in a new work titled Soy I am. The sound is romantic, the lyrics seductive. The corresponding concert was widely acclaimed through out domestic and international Hispanic markets. It definitely showcased the intimate, unpretentious nature of this international superstar. Ednita Dares She goes even further in her next CD Desnuda Naked. Mega hit Para El Peor Amante For The Worst Lover headlines this bearing of raw, forbidden emotions that then spill into an action-packed show that rocks audiences everywhere. Legion dance to the rhythm of Sin Pensar Without Thinking and show-stopper Voy Here I Come. The Evolution of an Artistic Vortex Far from it being about her, the generosity of this grand star has served as a platform to stimulate new generations of singers and composers, who regardless of genre, adore and respect her. Here she includes the assertive feminism of La Más Fuerte The Strongest by Kanny García and Llorar Por Tí Cry For You by idol Pedro Capó Son of late singing legend Bobby Capó. This inclusive mind set leads her to new horizons; Philanthropy and charitable events to help the needy hand-in hand with her friends Ricky Martin and Tommy Torres; artistic and business independence thru her company Entertainment Unlimited and the production of new artists such as her new project Anima. She also develops new data endeavors for Billboard and its sister publication, The Hollywood Reporter. Emily is a West Virginia native and graduate of American University, where she managed the student-run radio station, WVAU. Through one and a half decades of exploring and refining sounds, the aggrupation has evolved from grassroots rap collective to the chart-topping fixture of today. The duo we know today is comprised of Delgado and Randy Malcom Martinez, whose complementary vocals and writing styles have brought them to the forefront of international attention. Having dominated the tech world with his Social Media influence, Bully is now using his influence to dominate the music world by launching his music career this year. Last year, Bully was a panelist in the Hispanic Influencer Summit 2015, organized by LatinWE and Telemundo which featured the top 50 Hispanic Influencers. The original series, created by Jenji Kohan and also starring Taylor Shilling, Uzo Aduba and Laura Prepon, will return for its fourth season in June 2016. Jackie has recently been inspiring college students around the country with her story and delivered her first TED Talk in the summer of 2015. Her music career continues to evolve as well and she is currently working on new material in both English and Spanish. Third-generation music exec, Jamar Chess — grandfather,Leonard, founded Chess Records and father, Marshall, started Rolling Stones Records — is continuing the tradition,of his musically-inclined lineage. He found his niche in digital and synchronization licensing and cofounded the Sunflower Entertainment Group in 2002. Julian Serrano is an Argentinian singer who got his start 5 years ago as a famous YouTuber. Having generated over 158M views on his YouTube channel, Julian decided to use his social influence to launch a music career as Jota Esse. His catchy songs and strong fan-base helped him go from digital talent, to a star performing for thousands throughout Latin America. His music videos already have over 17M views and counting as he continues on his path as musician and top Hispanic influencer. His accomplishments include over twenty nominations, eight Grammy and Latin Grammy Awards won and over twenty 1 songs on various Billboard Charts with his compositions and productions over the last fifteen years. In film he has composed scores for Reach For Me, directed by Levar Burton, and Fighting for Freedom by director Farhad Mann, released at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013 starring Academy Award for Best Actor nominee Bruce Dern. For TV he has produced and composed music for TV series Hawthorne Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, Sony Pictures and earned an India Catalina international film award for best original soundtrack. It is certain that Julio Reyes Copello will continue to stamp his mark in the entertainment industry at a global scale, creating dreams with his music and inspiring a whole new generation of artists. Kate Ramos, a native of Australia, has been working in the music industry for the past 25+ years. Ramos is a manager at Red Light Management based in LA where her expertise in global touring serve her personal clients as well as the RLM roster of 200+ artists. Prior to joining RLM she worked for 12+ years at Live Nation. Her start in the music industry began in Latin America and Spain where she worked with artists in capacity as both agent then manager before moving to the US where she moved into a new area of the business as a promoter. He performs effortlessly across multiple musical genres from Reggaetón, Tropical to Pop and Dancehall all while maintaining his Latin Urban influences. In January of 2016, he released his highly anticipated first solo album, THE KING OF ROMANCE. Through High school played guitar not well , went to college for sound recording at the University of New Haven. After College, decided I wanted to further education and open up field of employment. Was fortunate enough to be accepted to University of Miami grad school for Music Business. Moved back to New England in 1993 and while catering a luncheon at ESPN took a name off the wall and forwarded my resume. To my surprise I was called to come in for an interview. Found my niche in pitching and editing music. Worked my way up to where I am now and feel I am very fortunate to work in the music business in my hometown and all the while getting to entertain millions of fans and work with so many amazing creative people at ESPN , Disney and throughout the industry from editors, composers and artists. Posada is the official reporter for Music critic for WSUA 1260AM Radio Caracol Miami. Awarded the ASCAP Ampt for his support to Latin music. Luis Coronel has conquered the Billboard charts, become a fixture on top-rated television shows, tours consistently to sold-out venues and has recorded signature love songs that have catapulted him into the hearts of America and beyond. Luis has become a social media phenomenon with followers in the millions and a highly-spirited fan base and rapidly-rising career. The charming star embodies and inspires the best of the youthful, smart and savvy millennial generation. Luis navigates two cultures, dominates a bilingual and bicultural way of life and is continually connecting to a diverse and fast-growing demographic with his young spirit, witty persona and a treasure trove of romantic songs that often leave concertgoers swooning for more. Luis Miguel Messianu has played a respectable and influential role in the most important developments in the U. Hispanic market during an advertising career that spans three decades. Born to Romanian parents and raised in Mexico City, he has worked in both the Latin American and U. His professional trajectory is defined by a conscious effort to help pioneer the melding of marketing niches into a nuanced and evolving total market. His award-winning work for multinationals such as ;McDonalds, State Farm Insurance,Clorox,Anheuser-Busch,Sprint, General Motors, and Coca-Cola among others, is a testament to that effort. Twenty years ago, when advertising to U. Hispanics was an afterthought in a business plan, Luis Miguel had the foresight to target this vast and untapped market. In 1994 he started his own Hispanic agency, winning soon after the McDonalds and State Farm Insurance accounts. Luis works closely with record labels, artists and their managers, industry representatives and our cable affiliates to demonstrate the power of Music Choice to expose both emerging and established artists to millions of consumers via their televisions, online and mobile devices. The collection includes a total of 500+ music videos and features a wide variety of Latin music genres and artists, including Pop Latino, Musica Urbana, Bachata, Rock Latino, Romances and Banda. Lynn Fainchtein has taken her musical experience to an ample range of mediums, which include film, television, radio, journalism and recording. She has worked as producer and musical supervisor on numerous films. One of her long-standing contributions has been with the acclaimed Mexican Film Director Alejandro González Iñarritu on his six films: Biutiful nominated for the Academy Award , Babel, 21 Grams, and Amores Perros nominated for the Academy Award. More recently the worldwide acclaimed Birdman and The Revenant. In addition, Lynn has collaborated with Lee Daniels on his award winning film, Precious Winner at The Sundance Film Festival. This cartagenero settled early in Bogota; composer, singer and guitarist. He has become the sensation of music in our country. Manuel Medrano not only writes songs, he created harmonies, poems that have given life to hymns and compositions that will last for generations. Manuel Medrano has become a phenomenon of social networking and music charts. His videos accumulated millions of views, well placed in the top positions of the most important digital platforms. Medrano is on the promotional tour for his first self-titled album and is considered one of the most promising artists in the world music scene. Marc Anthony is one of the most influential performing artists of his time, and an ambassador of Latin music and culture at a global level. He holds the record for most No. He has earned 11 No. In addition, his songs have been translated to multiple languages including English and Portuguese. Considered a living legend, romanticism in Latin American pop music could not be understood without Marco Antonio Solis. Marco Antonio Solis began 2016 earning top honors at the Viña del Mar Song Festival: The Gaviota de Oro and the Gaviota de Plata; after an unforgettable concert performance of the iconic songs of his career. Solis is about to embark in a newly produced tour slated to reach the U. After several years at the Warner Music Group with Atlantic and Elektra Records, working with artists such as The Roots, Jason Mraz, Common, Kid Rock, TI, and Matchbox 20, Maysonet began his tenure in the Global Digital Division of MTV Networks. He now works alongside major and independent recording artists and labels, publicists, publishers, and artist management firms across the globe to develop the live broadcasting careers of talent and establish media partnerships that broaden an already highly engaged, captive audience on the YouNow platform. In 2015 Michel Vega co-founded Magnus Media, LLC in partnership with Mr. Marc Anthony, and currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer. In this role Mr. Vega oversees all operating units of the diversified entertainment and sports enterprise which include an artist and athlete management division, recording label, music publishing company, television and digital content creation operation, and an entertainment-centric marketing practice. His responsibilities include strategic and financial planning, acquisition and development of new business interests, as well as overseeing all day-to-day operations. For the previous 15 years Mr. Vega was a Talent Agent and Head of the Latin Music Department for WME, the largest talent agency in the world. In 2003 he co-founded the newest William Morris office in thirty years, in Miami, making history as the first major talent agency to open a full service office dedicated to the Hispanic market. He then went on to establish the most prestigious roster of Latin artists in the industry, personally representing dozens of the genres most successful artists including Alejandro Sanz, J Balvin, Juan Luis Guerra, Juanes, Luis Miguel, Paulina Rubio, Pepe Aguilar, Pitbull, and Prince Royce, among many others. Prior to this Michel Vega spent over ten years as a theatrical booking agent, overseeing the representation of more than 100 Broadway tours, family shows, dance companies and music groups. Vega began his efforts in the Latin market as early as 1989, serving as manager for legendary bandleader Mario Bauza, whose career resurgence he orchestrated. In 1996 he produced the US tour of the Cuban National Folkloric Dance Ensemble, which at the time was the largest cultural exchange between Cuba and the US in over thirty years. Vega began his career in the music business in 1986 as a Production Assistant for New Audiences, a New York concert production company. There he worked with such luminaries as Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Sarah Vaughan, and Sonny Rollins. He later worked in the Artist and Repertoire Department at EMI and Blue Note Records in New York. Michel Vega received his Bachelor of Music from New York University in 1988. Natti Natasha , sencillo que le hizo el honor de ganar su primer Billboard Latino. Syko, Natti Natasha , entre otros, que hicieron más notable su presencia en la música Latina. La artista que incurrió en el Reggaetón y Pop Latino durante su desarrollo artístico ha sido premiada en Reggaeton Italia Awards, Billboard, Premio Tu Mundo, entre otras importantes celebraciones que reconoce el talento Latino. Given an increase in their social networks over 3000%. Which positions it in late 2014 as one of the greatest and most beloved by the public in the urban genre artists. His compositions are fresh touches of love with its different nuances that touch the heart pouring a gamma deep feelings of anyone who listens. Obie Bermudez efforts were rewarded when he was hired to act as opening act at different concerts held in the United States with leading stars of Latin music as Juanes, Paulina Rubio and Juan Luis Guerra. In 2004, it was when the record company EMI US Latin released her second album, Confesiones. Which it was a pop album with traces of tropical rhythms, the album was a bestseller and became a Gold Album. The group was born in 2011 when Luis and Carlos decide to re-connect and collaborate independently after trying to break into the music scene in Neva York. The musical chemistry between them was instant. In an effort to share their music and ideas with the world, the duo decided to shoot videos of their own songs and some of his favorite songs by other artists and publish them on YouTube. The vision of Panacea Project has been very clear from the beginning. Raúl Alarcón is the Chairman, CEO and controlling shareholder of Spanish Broadcasting System SBS , a publicly-traded multimedia corporation serving Latino audiences and advertisers throughout the U. His music has been heard all over the world reaching millions of fans in countries like Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, USA and Europe. Ismael Chacon better known in the music industry as RHINO a Costa Rican artist born on June 24, 1989 in the city of Alajuela who at the age of 8 moves to West Palm Beach, Florida. He then meets GONIN a well-known Costa Rican artist and record their first hit single QUIERO TENERTE y ALAJUELITA ANTHEM. Her most popular brands, Viva Latino and Baila Reggaeton, have amassed huge audiences in the Latin community. Rodrigo Belmonte comes to Shazam Entertainment with over 15 years of international and multicultural experience leading sales,marketing, and digital initiatives. Prior to joining Shazam,Belmonte worked for companies such as Havas Media, Clear Channel, Telecinco, and eBay. He has developed his career in progressively senior roles and has delivered profitable solutions and increased sales to ultimately build stronger brands. In his spare time, Belmonte likes to discover new artists and try to go as many festival and concerts as possible. Dominating the action from the opening bell using a full array of punches, Gonzalez dropped Viloria in the third round and battled on to a ninth round stoppage in front of a sold-out crowd of 20,548 at Madison Square Garden. Wrote Dan Rafael for ESPN. Finally, with Viloria, 34, a 2000 U. Olympian from Hawaii, taking tremendous punishment along the ropes, referee Benjy Esteves Jr. Dropping Sosa three times in the second stanza, Gonzalez was awarded the victory as referee Wayne Hedgpeth called a halt to the action at the 2:37 mark of the round. Wrote Kevin Iole for Yahoo. He dropped Sosa three times in the second, forcing Caiz to halt it. He could have stopped it at any point in the final 45 seconds, as Gonzalez was overwhelming Sosa with hard, accurate shots to the body and head. On February 28, 2015, Gonzalez knocked out Valentin Leon, 38-28-3, in the third round 2:27 in Managua, Nicaragua. Gonzalez dropped Leon once in the second and twice in the third stanza before referee Onofre Ramirez stopped the scheduled ten round non-title bout. Time of the stoppage by referee Len Koivisto was 2:11. He unloaded numerous combinations to the head and body in the sixth round before knocking him down face-first with a right hand to the head. Fuentes beat the count but Gonzalez was all over him in the follow-up attack, forcing referee Len Koivisto to step in at 2 minutes, 11 seconds. Gonzalez dominated Yaegashi, putting him down the first time in Round 3. After the second knockdown in the ninth, with an uppercut, the referee stopped the bout. Yaegashi fell to his bottom, with his face dazed in the worst possible way. He made a frail attempt back to his feet. But, for once, no one wanted him to. This included referee Michael Griffin, who justly called the bout with 36 seconds to go in Round 9. With over 488K followers on Social Media, and more than 3. Saak is already preparing his first album which is due out later this year. SayVerse Bio: SayVerse, a pop rock band, originated in El Paso, Texas. Members Andrea Miguel, Roger Argenis, Manny Martinez, and Juan Arellano came together to create a musical proyect that offers a fresh touch to the Latin Pop music industry, and with the experience that each of the members has, this dream is becoming a reality. At only 20 years old, Sebastian Villalobos is the Hispanic YouTuber with the highest engagement on Social Media, with a following of almost 12M and YouTube videos reaching over 3M views each. Jesus Lara is an accomplished senior digital media and music executive who has spent the last 25 years working at the intersection of technology and content, leading efforts with creative business leaders. Lara is currently the EVP, Digital Media Strategy at Spanish Broadcasting Systems Inc. The largest publicly traded Hispanic-controlled media and entertainment company in the United States. During this time, Kevin was taking evening classes to earn a Masters degree while teaching within a reputable school district in Long Island, New York. Kevin and his cousin became an unstoppable force to be reckoned with, forming a DJ crew known as The Turntable Assassins. The importance of ongoing leadership and success has and always will be important to Kevin and forming the Turntable Assassins provided the ideal conduit for guiding and educating the young and talented DJs in the industry. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Yvonne Drazan has been an active participant in the music industry for over 25 years. Prior to Surco, Yvonne worked as the National Manager of Media Relations at Rhino Records and had previously been a road manager for various Latin Rock artists including Caifanes, La Maldita Vecindad, Miguel Mateos and La Castañeda among others. In 1991, Yvonne entered the music industry at EMI Latin under the direction of Latin industry great, Jose Behar. Jeff has been the key factor in the successful careers of singers such as Chayanne, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Selena, Alejandro Fernandez, Son By Four, Elvis Crespo, Carlos Vives, Paulina Rubio, Ednita Nazario, Ana Gabriel, Montez de Durango, Marco Antonio Solis and Los Tigres De Norte, among many others. In 2008 he established his company Venetian Marketing Group to service and fill a niche in the industry, by providing independent artists and boutique music labels with specialized Sales and Marketing advice as well as overall label consulting, planning, setup and execution of an artist musical release. Since the inception of VMG he has worked and played a key role in developing and growing the careers of Prince Royce, Jencarlos Canela, Los Temerarios, Luis Enrique, Victor Manuelle as well as artists from the upstart Independent Mexican Label, ReMex Music. With his passion and devotion to Latin music, Jeff managed to set new standards of excellence and achievements in his career. He continues to shape the business and make a difference in an industry that continuous to evolve. Rob Light is Head of the Music department, a Partner, and Managing Director of leading entertainment and sports agency Creative Artists Agency CAA. This inter-departmental approach has taken clients into soundtracks, theater, feature films, television, documentaries, sponsorship, endorsements and licensing. Florencia Mauro is Music Coordinator at the Music Department of Telefe Argentina´s top-rated network. Ms Mauro works as industry liaison seeking musical artists for all Telefe programs and , as well as everything the network needs regarding music. She also collaborates in the search of new businesses and she is an international music executive producer and music correspondent. Florencia spent more than twelve years working in Telefe Internacional as a producer of the TV show Especial Musical and twenty years working in different places, always linked to Latin music. Pioneros en su concepto, Félix Ortiz Zion y Gabriel Pizarro Lennox unieron sus talentos para establecer lo que hoy día es uno del los dúos mas importantes del genero urbano. En sus comienzos, innumerables éxitos logran la atención de la reconocida compañía discográfica y de manejo Pina Records presidida por Rafael Pina. El binomio ha gozado de la oportunidad de llevar su música a el mundo dominando carteleras radiales a nivel internacional con mas de cincuenta éxitos. Su versátil propuesta musical romántica y bailable, sin lenguaje obsceno u ofensivo a la mujer, y con una lírica atractiva para los amantes de la música son su complemento para ser uno de los dúos mas consistes en el genero urbano. Artistas de reconocimiento internacional han colaborado con el binomio tales como J Balvin, Pitbull, Nicky Jam, Don Omar,Daddy Yankee,Tego Calderon, Akon, J Alvarez, Farruko, Arcangel, entre otros. A principios del 2015, Zion y Lennox ofrecieron un concierto sold-out en el legendary Choliseo Coliseo Jose Miguel Agrelot en Puerto Rico. Esta presentación se suma a los innumerables conciertos masivos que constantemente ofrece el dúo. Su alcance en las redes sociales también es un factor que suma a la gran popularidad de Zion y Lennox, quienes cuentan con millones de fieles seguidores los cuales afectuosamente los apodan, Los Diamantes Negros. David Alvarado is Vice President of Entertainment Publicity for Telemundo. Alvarado is in charge of developing cross-functional efforts in partnership with Telemundo Studios and the non-scripted production teams, as well as the execution of internal cross promotions efforts among network shows, Telemundo stations and affiliates, digital media, and NBCUniversal properties. Additionally, he oversees publicity strategies for all network program launches, including press events and tours aimed at maximizing exposure and visibility for Telemundo properties across multiple media outlets. Mario Ruiz was appointed Senior Vice President of Music and Entertainment Projects for Telemundo Network in March 2016. In this new role, Ruiz brings his expertise and vast experience in the music industry to develop new business opportunities within and beyond existing platforms. Beyond just music, Ruiz will help develop new commercial offerings, leveraging the resources of NBCUniversal. Ruiz signed Mexican actress Blanca Soto and Venezuelan host and actress Chiquinquira Delgado, among others. During his tenure at Univision, the seasoned executive was also recognized for bringing the Latin Grammy Awards to the network. During that same time period, Ruiz also signed Latin pop icon Thalia and broke her to an international, superstar level. Over the last decade, and as Global Copyright and Publishing Manager based in London, I contributed to the international expansion of West One Music Group, currently the largest independent production music company, by setting up a global publishing infrastructure and joining 34 collection societies worldwide to date. Currently as VP of Business Development, and with a solid expertise in international music licensing and rights management, I am committed to establishing partnerships and new licensing opportunities in the US and Latin America, with special focus on the growing US Hispanic and Latin American broadcast and advertising markets. I relocated to New York City early this year to continue growing our presence in these markets from our new US offices, as well as contribute to the development of our new, authentic Latin American label, SOMOS. COM era in 1999 with when internet chatting and web-mail did not exist. With Beeping, you can send any kind of digital content videos, photography, custom messages, or any piece of multimedia directly to all the smart phones in the room, thereby creating a multi-sensory, second screen experience that will revolutionize the way your audiences interact with your content. Huppe has built the organization into a global leader in the recorded music industry, while developing music business solutions for the 21 st century. Leila Cobo A Fulbright scholar from Cali, Colombia, Leila Cobo is the executive Editor for Latin Content and Programming for Billboard as well as a classical pianist and successful novelist and biographer. Cobo also works closely with broadcast partner Telemundo on the Billboard Latin Music Awards and programs the yearly Billboard Latin Music Conference, the largest gathering of the Latin music industry in the U. A classical pianist and novelist, Ms. Prior to Billboard, Leila wrote for the Los Angeles Times and was later the pop music critic at the Miami Herald. Background on Allen S. Furst has spent over 35 years of his professional career working in the world of sports and entertainment. Allen started his career with ProServ, Inc. Postal Service and VISA. In addition, Allen had been active in creating national television specials and national tour sponsorships of sports and entertainment properties for his clients. Allen is considered a leading authority in sports business and corporate event sponsorships. He has been featured in articles in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Advertising Age, BrandWeek, and the IEG Sponsorship Report. Allen has been a guest speaker at various conferences and college sports management programs and has contributed articles to industry publications on various topics. Allen received his B. Allen and his wife Arlene reside in Coconut Grove, FL. Allen enjoys playing all sports, traveling and spending time with his family daughters and grand-daughters. As a journalist and DJ, Michael Paoletta has been part of the music industry since the 1980s. In 2009, Paoletta accepted a position with the critically acclaimed music agency Comma, where he is Executive Producer, Music Supervision and Licensing. Comma works with advertising agencies and brands on all their music needs. Throughout, Paoletta has been interviewed on numerous networks, including NBC, CBS, VH1, and the BBC—as well as been quoted in such publications as the New York Times—offering insight and knowledge on all things pop culture. Most recently, he was featured on NPR All Things Considered discussing music in advertising. Paoletta is also a voting member of the Recording Academy, the organization responsible for the annual Grammy Awards. Who is behind their music and how are choices being made? From the rise of streaming music services to social media, artists are engaging music fans in new and exciting ways. Learn from a panel of music and entertainment experts how they are revolutionizing their approach to marketing Latino artists and giving them a holistic media solution to share their art. Sonic Soledad Pastorutti Proyecto Uno Kerreke ft Jorge Luis Chacin On the eve of their first-ever joint tour, the two biggest names in urban music share a stage and a conference for the first time. Kate Ramos, Manager, Red Light Management James G. Who is behind their music and how are choices being made? From the rise of streaming music services to social media, artists are engaging music fans in new and exciting ways. Learn from a panel of music and entertainment experts how they are revolutionizing their approach to marketing Latino artists and giving them a holistic media solution to share their art. Sonic Soledad Pastorutti Proyecto Uno Kerreke ft Jorge Luis Chacin On the eve of their first-ever joint tour, the two biggest names in urban music share a stage and a conference for the first time. Kate Ramos, Manager, Red Light Management James G. Who is behind their music and how are choices being made? From the rise of streaming music services to social media, artists are engaging music fans in new and exciting ways. Learn from a panel of music and entertainment experts how they are revolutionizing their approach to marketing Latino artists and giving them a holistic media solution to share their art. Sonic Soledad Pastorutti Proyecto Uno Kerreke ft Jorge Luis Chacin On the eve of their first-ever joint tour, the two biggest names in urban music share a stage and a conference for the first time. Kate Ramos, Manager, Red Light Management James G.
  86. She recruits talented Tout Torres as producer and together they create an edgy rock sound for the Sin Limite CD. Third-generation music exec, Jamar Chess — grandfather,Leonard, founded Chess Records and father, Marshall, started Rolling Stones Records — is continuing the tradition,of his musically-inclined lineage. Afrodiziaq was born in the New Dakota borough of Brooklyn in 1990. In most cases, this Latin Grammys event information will also be available on the venues web site. The nominees include artists in the pop, urban, rock, alternative, tropical, regional Mexican, Brazilian and general fields. Jackie has recently been inspiring college caballeros around latin grammys 2016 date country with her story and delivered her first TED Talk in the summer of 2015. Latin Grammys Tickets Shipping We typically ship Latin Grammys tickets either the day of or the day after they are purchased. Having generated over 158M views on his YouTube sin, Julian decided to use his social influence to launch a music career as Jota Esse.